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Rose Alexander

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Rose Alexander is the story of a young woman of 35 with a business college degree, severely affected by the crisis, who took advantage of this sluggish period to take her destiny into her own hands and make her dream come true: creating shoes.

After many professional disappointments, she decided to take part in the ELLE Business Awards, a competition organised by ELLE aimed at rewarding young women for their business start-up plans. Rose Alexander’s plan was bursting with excellent ideas but that ‘special something’ that would make all the difference was missing.

She had a revelation one evening while watching the film ‘Sex and the City 1’. The key scene is when Big asks Carrie Bradshaw to marry him in their New-York walk-in wardrobe with a pair of shoes. This is how the idea came to her: “Who said that to prove your love for a woman, you absolutely have to give her a ring? Why can't you give her a pair of shoes set with gems?” In order to set the perfect scene, there was obviously something essential missing: a showcase. Her concept was born: combine shoes, which women go wild for, with gems, their best friends. ‘Rose Alexander’ designs are not only made to be worn, but above all to be experienced.

Rose Alexander has her own very personal style and way of thinking. She is exceptional. The last thing you should do is talk to her about taking the same beaten tracks as others, as she’s not interested! However, in order to make her dream come true, she needed a helping hand, an associate to follow her in this adventure. It was then that she met a young Portuguese designer, Taina Fareleiro.

Since then they have become inseparable, they get on like a house on fire both professionally and personally. Taina's expertise, Italian leathers and the Portuguese know-how make up the pillars of the Dream Team. They went through everything together for a year, the disillusions, the great joys, the tears and laughter, all washed down with a great deal of very intense work.